Skate Genome Annotation Workshops and Jamborees

Third Skate Genome Annotation Workshop | May 23-27, 2011

Third Genome Annotation Workshop OverviewShawn PolsonUniversity of Delaware
Welcome to the Third Skate Genome Annotation WorkshopShawn PolsonUniversity of Delaware
The Genome Sequencing Project for the Little Skate, Leucoraja erinaceaBenjamin KingMDIBL
De novo Assembly of High-throughput Short Read SequencesChuming ChenUniversity of Delaware
Using Transciptome and Genome Sequences to Find Coding SequencesBenjamin KingMDIBL
From Genome & Transcriptome Sequences To Protein Functional AnnotationQinghua WangUniversity of Delaware
Transcript and Protein Sequence Annotation at UniProtCecilia ArighiUniversity of Delaware
Review of Hedgehog Signaling PathwayBenjamin KingMDIBL
Genome sequence, assembly, and annotation: from data submission to public resource at the NCBIKim PruittNIH
Systems GeneticsJason MooreDartmouth Medical School

Second Skate Genome Annotation Workshop | October 12-15, 2010

The Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea, as a model organismBenjamin KingMDIBL
Mitochondria and mitochondrial genomeCecilia ArighiUniversity of Delaware
Review of Transcript and Protein Sequence AnnotationCecilia ArighiUniversity of Delaware
Annotation of the purple sea urchin genomeJames CoffmanMDIBL
Moving In and Moving Out: The ABC's of ATP-Binding Cassette TransportersRebeka MersonRhode Island College

First Skate Genome Annotation Workshop | May 24-28, 2010

The Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea, as a model organismBenjamin KingMDIBL
The Northeast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium NECCJames VincentUniversity of Vermont
An Intorduction to Illumina's Next Gen SequencingCraig FishmanIllumina
Genome Sequence Assembly: A Brief OverviewJames VincentUniversity of Vermont
De-novo assembly & Interactive Visual AnalysisMihailo KaplarevicUniversity of Delaware
Molecular Biology PrimerJoanna FueyoUniversity of Rhode Island
BLASTJoanna FueyoUniversity of Rhode Island
Genome RearrangementsJoanna FueyoUniversity of Rhode Island
Sequence, Gene and Protein ResourcesBenjamin KingMDIBL
Advanced BLAST and Multiple Sequence AlignmentJoanna FueyoUniversity of Rhode Island
BLATBenjamin KingMDIBL
Genome Sequence AnalysisBenjamin KingMDIBL
Gene PredictionBenjamin KingMDIBL
Genome BrowsersBenjamin KingMDIBL
What's a Database?James VincentUniversity of Vermont
Protein database resources & text searchesCecelia ArighiUniversity of Delaware
Protein Sequence AnalysisRaja MazumderGeorgetown University
Structure Based Analysis for Functional AnnotationSona VasudevanGeorgetown University
Literature Mining: Search, retrival, and extraction of information from literatureCecilia ArighiUniversity of Delaware
Biomedical ontologies: Gene OntologyCecilia ArighiUniversity of Delaware